Re-introducing Leader® Swim

Image of man in water wearing Leader Swim Goggles and Swim Accessories

Leader Swim - Built for the water, designed for the active lifestyle

Welcome to the new home for the Leader® brand. We’re thrilled you’ve joined us and we’re excited to introduce you to everything there is to know about Leader—from our latest collection of swim products to our growing community of “leaders,” who share a passion for the active lifestyle and the water that brings us all together.

We might have a brand-new home and a new look, but the Leader® brand has been kicking out the best-in-class aquatics and sports eyewear and accessories for over 40 years. We’ve accompanied the littlest swimmers on their maiden voyage in the pool or the surf, supported the weekend warrior as they tackle an early morning lap swim, delivered the necessary eyewear protection to shred the single track or excel on the court, and tagged along on any number of snorkel excursions as part of the family summer vacation.

We’re only just getting started.

So stay a while, make yourself comfortable, shop our wide collection of swim and snorkeling products or check out our line of eyeguards built for tackling the playing field or mountain bike track, and be sure to stay tuned as we introduce you to more of the brand - from our favorite post-triathlon breweries, water safety and conservation, training tips or how to remain sane while on a tropical beach vacation with kids.

Let’s dive in…


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