National Park of American Samoa.

Insider’s Guide to National Park of American Samoa

American Samoa is an emerald gemstone rising from the setting of the sparkling blue Pacific Ocean. Rugged volcanic slopes lead to sandy coves, inspiring fantasies of real-life Robinson Crusoe adventures.


Navigating the Many Faces of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country with many personalities. Retired snowbirds come to escape winter and find solace in the warmth of swinging hammocks, while wild beach parties catcall out to college students on break.

How to Travel Around the Maldives on Just $100 a Day

“You went to the Maldives? What, are you famous?”

This was a serious question asked upon my return home from this string of idyllic atolls in the middle of the Indian Ocean. While unfortunately unfounded (no, I’m not famous, thanks for asking)

Divers snorkel between two continents in Iceland

What It’s Like to Snorkel Between Two Continents

“When you first get in, you’re going to ask yourself, ‘Why did I sign up for this thing?’ Your lips will be freezing. Your hands will be cold,” Patrick said, acknowledging the two parts of our bodies not protected by thermal layers, a neoprene dry suit and hood, or a[…]

Hawaiian beach scene

3 Tips to Maximize Your Next Tropical Vacation…with Kids!

Over the years, beach vacations have taken many different forms, from an escape from the daily grind with friends to a budget-friendly joint on a whim to a quaint coastal town. Fast forward to today, with two kids in tow, traveling light is no longer an option and the standard[…]

Image of man in water wearing Leader Swim Goggles and Swim Accessories

Re-introducing Leader® Swim

Leader Swim – Built for the water, designed for the active lifestyle Welcome to the new home for the Leader® brand. We’re thrilled you’ve joined us and we’re excited to introduce you to everything there is to know about Leader—from our latest collection of swim products to our growing community[…]